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Over the years, the characters and their stories have become as close as family and friends.  Please permit me to introduce them to you...

Lady Leo Press, ISBN 978-0984107636

Can A Sistah Get Some Love?
March, 2010
Nathasha Brooks-Harris', "Arctic Love Call," introduces Ava Chantrelle Wellbourne who answers an ad to teach in Alaska. Determined to focus only on her new job, even Ava can't deny snuggling up to a hunky of a man on cold winter nights is exactly what her heart needs.

Tinisha Nicole Johnson's, "For Love or Success," introduces Jasmine Carter, who only dates white-collared men, until she meets Kevin Matthews. Will love be enough for her to take a chance?

40-year-old Kayla Powell, the heroine of Zana Kayne's, "A Taste for Love," goes from corporate executive and losing her cheating boyfriend in one day. When Kayla inherits a bakery and finds herself the vctim of a robbery, handsome detective Clay Weston is sent to investigate. Can she give him a taste of true love?

In Gail McFarland's, "The Twentieth Century Fox," Margie Wilson's husband makes a break for freedom, and Margie decides that her time is now. She sets out to make her life over -- and that include a new man. Is anybody ready for Margie, The New Twentieth Century Fox?

Genesis Press/Love Spectum ISBN 1585714224

May, 2010
Readers first met Bianca Coltrane in DREAM RUNNER. She used to be a bad, bad girl, but even bad girls have dreams. Dumped by a younger lover who has none of her best interests in mind, she has to take a look at what she has allowed her life to become.

But fate has some interesting plans in store for her. Now on her own, romance with the wrong man has taught her exactly what she wants in the right one.

Haru "Harry" Jordan is gorgeous, successful, accomplished, and lonely. A man with heat, style, and skills, he's always been the best at everything he's tried -- except finding the right woman.

Can a chance meeting engineered by conspiring siblings put a pair of dreams on the right track?

Genesis Press / ISBN 158571366X

Dream Keeper
December, 2009
Rissa Yarborough Traylor never could keep a secret, and now she's back, with her husband , to share their story.
Blessed with great lives,they've become great lovers.  And in marriage, there is one gift that only Rissa can give the man she loves.
We all know that it took a lot for Rissa and DenchTraylor to get AJ and Marlea on the right track -- but they did it, and found each other in the process.  Now, what about their own marriage?
Will a baby ever make three?

Genesis Press / Indigo ISBN 1585713171

Dream Runner
May, 2008
Marlea Kellogg fell in love with running at an early age.  She knew that running would always determine the path of her life and prayed that that path would include Olympic gold.  AJ Yarborough was fast enough to run into the NFL and beyond -- maybe even the Hall of Fame. 
Time and training have a cost that they have both willingly paid.  Now, both at critical junctures of their careers, who could have known that they would run into each other?
Lulu Books

All For Love
May, 2006
It's true that you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family:  how about the man in your life?  For Rachel Solomon, a woman determined to take her love life into her own hands, running family interference is bound to turn her life upside down.
When she "fakes" a relationship to throw her well-meaning family off track, Max Sterling, her partner in deception has an agena of his own.  Add a woman scorned, the original "Hell Date" and know that this adventure in family and romance could only happen with the best of intentions.

black_lady_killer_front.jpg ISBN 1411603230

Lady Killer
March 2004
 Detective Jaz Ballantine loses the best friend he has ever had when his foster brother is murdered.
Bodies pile up in the morgue, and Jaz realizes that he has a serial killer on his hands - with one significant difference. This one has a completely different method of operating: All of the victims are young, single, handsome, male, and African-American.

Needing answers, Jaz turns to his ex-wife , Dhana,for help in profiling the killer.   As the clues pile up, her sense of justice and a growing conviction that no one is safe with this killer on the loose tells her something no one counted on:The most dangerous serial killer in Atlanta's history is a woman!   

  October, 2002 Winner 
"Word Weaving Award of Excellence".  

Kimani Press (Arabesque) ISBN 158314031X

When Love Calls
August, 1999
A woman on the cusp of change... turning 40, widowed, with an eight year-old daughter, Davida Lawrence is sure that life has taken on a pattern of its own, and that the only things left to her are her dreams.  Atlanta based cartoonist, Marcus Benton grew up coloring his dreams with passion and fantasy. He's dreamed of a world shaped by imagination and magic.  Now, he's ready for real life -- and the right woman to share it with.
A dark and stormy night, a misconnected telephone call, and when has a wrong number ever been so right?

Pinnacle Books (Arabesque) ISBN 0786005610

 The Best For Last
September, 1998
Noelle Parker never intended for hers July 4th plan to include a lost and silent little girl. When the child wanders into the Department of Family and Children's Services office, she sets a series of events in motion that will turn Noelle's life inside out.

Opting to take the frightened little girl home for the weekend rather than turn her over to Child Protective Services, Noelle's compassionate decision leads to an accusation of kidnapping. Devastated by the charge, Noelle turns to attorney Jamal Harris for legal support. Pleasantly surprised when she discovers his sensitive side, Noelle must choose between settling for the safe life she's built for herself, or trusting and having the life she's only dreamed of.

Pinnacle Books (Arabesque) ISBN 0786005157

May, 1998
"This Side Of Forever" by  Gail McFarland
This tasty little story is only one of a delicious trio of Mother's Day treats! 
Everybody knows that mothers are angels , and that mother always knows what's best-- or at least that's what they would have us believe.  For Rhonda and William, their mother's best efforts mean challenges of the most romantic kind.  Throw in the vested interests of William's children, a sexy case of mistaken identity, a little corporate intrigue, and you've got  the makings of love for a lifetime and a tale worth remembering.
Happy Mother's Day!

Pinnacle Books (Arabesque) ISBN 0786004363

Summer Wind
September, 1997
Named new owner of the renowned Arizon resort, Summer Wind, after the sudden death of her father, Kiera Donovan is on her own, for the first time in her life. On her own and confronted with sabotage and threatening takeover bids.  Joining forces with gorgeous desert tour operator Jesse Lawton, she holds on to what she knows is hers. What she never reckoned on was needing his help to find a killer.

Interesting things ALWAYS happen when a tall, good looking man is added to the mix. Is Jesse too good to be true? Is he the right man for the job?  Or is he just the right man?
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